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Bitcoin’s market cap exceeds $15 billion

Following a new high of 2016 hit this morning, the market cap of the first cryptocurrency has broken a new record. According to coinmarketcap, it was estimated at $15,1 billion at 14:40 UTC (17:40 MSK).

A few hours earlier, Bitcoin achieved a record high in 2016 and it is being currently traded at $933 at the American and European exchanges and at $960 at the Chinese ones.

The major factors, which stimulate the increase of Bitcoin prices, are activity of Chinese investors, uncertainty in traditional currency in a number of developed countries and consequences of withdrawal of high denomination notes in India.

ʺWe are seeing a wave of Indian buyers looking to circumnavigate the recent push to remove large slabs of cash from circulation and who otherwise have trouble moving fiat currency,ʺAustralian Financial Review quoted CEO of Bitcoin Group Sam Lee

In addition, India is actively spreading rumors about a possible ban on the import of gold, which is also attracting more and more investors to Bitcoins.

It is notable that the Bitcoin’s market cap exceeded $14 billion just five days ago.

Source: forklog

  • December 28, 2016 5:57 PM MSK