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Aleksey Muratov: Russian government is interested in development of blockchain technology

The Russian government intends to consider the possibilities of using blockchain technology in the system of state and economic management.

It was announced by Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT), Aleksey Muratov, referring to the statement of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.


This statement was made by Dmitry Medvedev on March 6, during the meeting with Vice Prime-Ministers in Moscow. "The Prime Minister of RF entrusted the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Economic Development to consider the possibility of using blockchain technology in the preparation of programme "Digital economy". According to him, this technology is one of the breakthrough in economy which is already used by large banks, corporations and even some states," Aleksey Muratov noted.

He also stressed that in the opinion of the Head of Russian government, the use of blockchain is possible in the sphere of state and economic management. "Dmitry Medvedev stated that the charge to study the effectiveness of blockchain is connected with a separate section of the Government's Comprehensive Action Plan for the period until 2025." This is about creating the conditions for the introduction of various digital technologies as quickly as possible. And one of such breakthrough technologies is blockchain technology, which excludes intermediaries and the authenticity of operations is confirmed by the network participants themselves," Aleksey Muratov said.

He also reminded that last week at the Russian investment forum in Sochi, Dmitry Medvedev also raised the issue of possibility of blockchain using. "The Prime Minister noted that many business processes and many social environments will be organized precisely on the principles of these technologies. At the same time in Sochi, the Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov said that on the instruction of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, a group developing this technology as the main one for the country will be created in Russia," Chairman of the Board of CWT said.

The growth of interest in blockchain technology and also cryptocurrency in RF, in the opinion of Aleksey Muratov, is also confirmed by the new opening of public terminals. "So, on March 1, in St. Petersburg there was the first public cryptocurrency terminal installed in the shopping center on Vasilievsky Island. In addition to Bitcoin, the terminal offers the purchase of several other cryptocurrencies for cash. The first cryptocurrency exchange in Russia was opened in Moscow in September last year, also a similar service appeared in Yekaterinburg. It confirmes the increased popularity of blockchain technology in Russia once again," Chairman of the Board of Change the World Together Aleksey Muratov emphasized.

He also told about the expansion of activities of Change the World Together in the Indian state of Maharashtra. "On the weekend of March 4 and 5, in Samara, a two-day huge seminar of CWT leaders was held. On Saturday, our speakers Shantaram Wankar and Sarafraaj Shaikh conducted training and on Sunday, after the seminar the best leaders were awarded with valuable gifts. A total of 55 prizes were awarded and also a special gift from the organizers of seminar to the speaker Sarafraaj Shaikh," Aleksey Muratov stated.

Source: CWT News


  • March 7, 2017 11:00 PM MSK