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Aleksey Muratov: Every cryptocurrency user has unique chance to become banker of new world financial system nowadays

On Sunday, a conference of the International Public Movement Change the World Together was held in one of the largest administrative centres in the Republic of South Africa, Durban.

Which was attended by Chairman of the Board Aleksey Muratov.

It has been the first conference of CWT activists in South Africa this year. More than 200 supporters of Change the World Together participated in the conference.

The Durban conference began with the traditional ritual Zulu dance, which should bring success and luck to the event. As Aleksey Muratov noted, it was also interesting to note that the main speaker of CWT in South Africa was a representative of the fair sex. ʺWe must admit that almost all of our leaders in all countries are men. It was therefore unusual that the leading speaker in Durban was a woman Pinky Maphumulo Ntozakhe. But Pinky immediately showed herself as a bright, charismatic leader, ready to rally around many people. So, I think this choice is very good,ʺ he said.

Also, Aleksey Muratov described the activities of Change the World Together, the principles of CWT activists and presented his own book “CWT Ideology” during the conference. ʺSpeaking of the activities of our movement, above all, I want to describe the principles that guide us. First of all, we must not lie and deceive people who follow us, we should be as honest, faithful and open as possible. It is very important to us, because through revealing the truth about the world's financial elites we will be able to abandon their influence, to abandon a single currency of the world — the US dollar and to switch to cryptocurrency and to multiply our capital,ʺ Aleksey Muratov emphasized.

Also, he noted that there was no single super cryptocurrency at the moment and e-money market was quite diverse. ʺThere are now many different fintech areas in the world, users have multiple kinds of e-currency in circulation. Every currency has its pros and cons and we have to be honest about it. It is about the pros and cons of many cryptocurrencies we speak at our conferences. We teach people financial literacy and give the opportunity to decide independently which cryptocurrency to use,ʺ Aleksey Muratov explained.

According to him, the use of electronic money is at the formative stage at the moment. ʺIf you draw an analogy, the development of e-currency increasingly resembles the Wild West, when there were no clear rules of the game, safe structures and deposit guarantees, and cowboys rode roads ready to rob a bank at any moment. Currently, these cowboys are HYIP-projects, which being a parasite on cryptocurrency exchanges. This is also facilitated by the lack of a legal framework that would govern the turnover of cryptocurrency. It is therefore very important to understand at this stage what is a fraud and to warn people of all the risks of participation in a particular startup,ʺ Chairman of the Board of CWT said.

He also said that everyone in the hall had a unique chance to become a banker today. ʺPaper money and the banks that serve them will no longer exist in the near future. The new, decentralized financial institutions of various cryptocurrencies will soon be in great demand. They will all be quoted among themselves at cryptocurrency exchanges and the rate will depend on demand and supply. And now any e-money user, the owner of cryptocurrency can establish a bank in the future,ʺ Aleksey Muratov summed up.

At the end of his statement, Chairman of the Board of CWT Aleksey Muratov personally signed his book for every conference participant. His next meeting with movement supporters from the RSA will be held on March 16, in Johannesburg.

Source: CWT News


  • March 13, 2017 11:00 PM MSK