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Litecoin Foundation is officially registered as legal entity

Litecoin Foundation, which was a non-profit organization before, is officially registered as an open joint stock company with the responsibility of the participants within its guaranteed limits.

The company is registered in Singapore. Its main activity is a software development. A more detailed description indicates the development, promotion, protection and standardization of the Litecoin system.

According to the massage, the registration of Litecoin Foundation was the result of two months of lawyers’ work.

The founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee is listed as a full-time managing director. The Litecoin Foundation's description on its official website says that its mission is to promote Litecoin for the benefit of society by creating and popularizing advanced blockchain technologies.

It should be reminded that the price of Litecoin reached the 20-month maximum last week and, after a little adjustment, it reached new heights on Monday, April 3. In the last 24 hours, cryptocurrency hit $8.88 on Gdax and $8.64 on Bifinex and at the time of publication (08:00 GMT), it is traded at $8.20.

Market capitalization now stands at $382 million, which is slightly smaller than the fourth largest cryptocurrency Dash ($ 406 million).

It has also been known that one of the largest mining pools F2Pool began to support Segwit in Litecoin.


The release of the Litecoin core version 0.13.2, with the support of Segregated Witness, was held in January 2017.


  • April 4, 2017 5:24 PM MSK