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Alexei Muratov: "Billionaires start transferring their assets into crypto currencies"

In process of time, the pace of development of crypto currencies is gaining a momentum. In turn, Blockchain technology is becoming more popular in media, which includes not only the "revolutionaries" of the economy such as cryptocurrency activists, but also market players who made their fortunes long before Bitcoin, sometimes in absolutely different areas.


One of bright participants in this discussion is ex-head of the hedge fund of Fortress Investment Group LLC Mr. Michael Novogradts. The billionaire since long openly highlights the enormous potential of the blockhchain and is known for keeping some of its assets (about 10%) in crypto currency.

The businessman said he was absolutely sure that the capitalization of all crypto currencies would reach $ 5 trillion by the year 2022 (Bitcoinist quotes the words of Mr. Michael Novocrac).

At the same time while publicly and openly supporting Blockchain, Mr. Michael Novogratz also emphasizes that the industry needs the elaborated legislation and regulation, since the crypto currencies have already entered the life of people, becoming a powerful segment of economy.

This statement by Mr. Michael Novogradts was also discussed at a meeting of representatives of the International Public Movement "Change the World Together", held in Mumbai on June 29th. Similar training trainings take place in different parts of India every day.

More and more people come to know about CWT ideology and start using crypto-currencies. Particular attention is given to the new generation crypto currency PRIZM - the leaders talk about its technical advantages over other crypto-currencies.

To evaluate PRIZM, one needs to know the basics of Blockchain technology and the operating principle of existing crypto-currencies - that's why it's important to inform people about the industry in the most open, and, not less important, - accessible way.

The chairman of CWT Alexei Muratov comments on this topic: "Any changes in the world (technological, political, and global) occur step by step. First there is an active minority that promotes the idea or technology. Gradually, this minority grows in numbers.

Then this minority is gaining a critical mass, which breaks the passive majority. The turning point with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies has not yet occurred - it is still ahead.

While this idea is now being spread by active minority, in future this breakthrough will happen - then there will indeed be a spike in popularity of Blockchain, crypto currencies, rapid growth of the rate, a huge number of new millionaires. Then the acting millionaires and billionaires who have assets in fiat money will begin to transfer their assets completely into crypto-currencies.

But this all is still ahead!"

Автор: Александр Пашков

  • July 5, 2017 9:46 AM MSK