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PRIZM shows active development in Indonesia

Most recently, we reported about meetings of activists of PRIZM, regularly held in India. The same way like many people who are watching the industry of crypto-currencies closely, representatives of the International Public Movement are confident that the countries of Asian region are the driver of the development of crypto-currencies in the world today.

We want to emphasize that Indonesia and the neighboring territories also show a deep interest in the prospects of PRIZM crypto currency. The active development shows itself first of all if there are permanent and ongoing events.

For today the most priority direction is creating the awareness for people and the expansion of knowledge about crypto-currencies in general. Leaders of CWT (primarily network leaders) visit their structures in the cities, teaching people the financial literacy, the basics of blockchain and, of course, all the details regarding PRIZM – installing of nodes on computers, confident use of PRIZM Walelt and other details.

Discussion of other crypto-currencies during CWT / PRIZM meetings. One of the topics - potential hard fork in Bitcoin network

In addition, in the recent meetings the lately occurred hard fork called Bitcoin Cash was discussed. As expected, the hard fork took place on August 1st. As a result, the Bitcoin network was divided into two chains. In addition, an asset in the digital space was formed - it has a common history with Bitcoin, but enters the exchanges under a different ticker - BCC or BCH.

 Also, as it is known, before the start of the Bitcoin Cash fork, the largest majority of stock exchanges, bitcoin wallets and other services related to crypto-currencies have frozen money at their sites (probably to exclude financial risks while waiting for a new "fever").

There is a public information that when the client was activated one could observe the problems in the blockchain explorer created for Bitcoin Cash. Also, a number of users of social networks say that the exchange Kraken went offline for a short time.

In general, the negative consequences for users were avoided thanks to the activation of another solution - BIP 91. UASF started at 00:00 UTC on August 1, which allowed the Bitcoin network to transfer the changes almost imperceptibly.

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  • August 3, 2017 7:19 PM MSK