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Alexei Muratov spoke about the developing industry of Crypto-currencies at the St. Petersburg Radio “Zenit”

Today, the development of the market of crypto currencies is very interesting not only because of obvious economic prospects, but also due to the growing media attention and discussion in the world of show business.

It's difficult to argue that today’s most popular crypto currency Bitcoin is a powerful financial tool for users from different social groups. However, in recent years the phenomenon itself has become a separate media object.

As always, the international public movement "Change the World Together" is at the forefront of the development of the crypto-currency industry and this time the organization was able to convey its opinion through radio. The chairman of the board of CWT (“Change the World Together”) Mr. Alexei Muratov spoke as a special guest on the St. Petersburg radio station "Zenith"

Talking with the radio anchors, the leader of "Change the World Together" described the main points of working with crypto-currencies: "Bitcoin is supported by the fact that this is a unique technology - open and transparent. In which it is impossible to forge something or to insert something foreign - for example, to make unlimited emissions. This is the value of this technology."

"You can buy an equipment and start mining - that is, to create blocks into which transactions are recorded (all transaction of Bitcoin), thereby maintaining the system's performance.

But the fact is that in the beginning - when Bitcoin was born as a decentralized system, any person could run the mining on his stationary computer. But, gradually the creation of new blocks becomes more complicated - large mining capacities are required.

Since today the best and most advanced mining equipment is in China, Chinese miners have always been in a priority position. First, they do mining by themselves - then rent it out to third countries. Mining is not as profitable now as the sellers of this equipment say. The most profitable business is the sale of this equipment. Now it is inappropriate to engage in mining, since, in this case, we will always be behind them, "- said Mr. Alexei Muratov.

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  • August 11, 2017 5:00 PM MSK