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The founder of PRIZM crypto-currency Mr. Alexei Muratov gave an interview for the radio station "Mayak"

As the market influence grows, the frequency of discussion of the economic innovation of cryptocurrencies also increases. Moreover, in the year of 2017 a steady tendency of attention to the blockchain industry has been demonstrated not only among the directly interested Internet community. Perhaps today there is not a single media that regularly and in detail would not discuss new phenomena of the world economy - the Blockchain technology and a multibillion-dollar market of cryptocurrencies.

For example, yesterday the rate of the first Cryptocurrency Bitcoin exceeded the expected $ 10,000 mark, and today it is already $ 11,500. It is quite expected that such a sharp raise caused an unprecedented stir around cryptocurrencies on Internet and in the media. The Chairman of the international public movement "Change the World Together", the expert on crypto-currencies and the founder of the advanced crypto-currency PRIZM Mr. Aleksey Muratov delivered detailed comments on air of the radio "Mayak".

Ekaterina Slivkova: "Hello, Alexey. Tell me, please, first, what is Bitcoin? "

Alexey Muratov: "Bitcoin is a crypto currency, which is based on the revolutionary technology that has come to our world - this technology is called Blockchain. More and more people all over the world want to own this Bitcoin and this unique technology that is behind it, is limited in quantity. Therefore, demand exceeds supply - thus Bitcoin's crypto currency rate is constantly growing. "

Ekaterina Sryvkova: "Tell me please, does it exist only in electronic form or is there some kind of its physical form? That is, you cannot touch it? I just saw pictures on Internet, coins with the letter "B" - is it all fake, or is there really any physical analogy of bitcoin? "

Alexei Muratov: "Everyone knows the dollar sign, but the dollar sign does not mean the dollar itself, also same with bitcoin. This is a crypto currency, based on pure mathematics. This is the crypto currency, which today, unlike other electronic currencies, fiat money does not have the ability to produce unlimited emissions, forgery or falsification. All the rules, including emission are written in the source code. This code is publicly available and all community members can see these initial rules, as per these rules they are using it".

Ekaterina Sryvkova: "Please, tell me, what is mining?"

Alexei Muratov: "In any currency there is an emission. For example, in case of the US dollar, the emission is done by the Federal Reserve System - in fact, it is no longer a secret for many that it is a "private body" behind which the financial elites stand; and FRS has been emitting an unlimited amount of dollars into the economy.

Ekaterina Sryvkova: "Is it not supported by a gold reserve or something else?"

Alexei Muratov: "In fact, this is a financial pyramid. In Bitcoin, the emission is made through the mining process. Mining farms, at the expense of their capacities, are sorting through a heap of hash garbage, selecting a "beautiful number" - when a "beautiful number" is selected (this is a logarithmic equation), a block is created, into which transactions will be recorded later. As a reward for the creation of this block, the system gives a certain number of bitcoins to the miner who extracted this block. These rules are also written in the source code, which means the total number of bitcoins that will be emitted is known to everyone. As a result, miners are fighting with each other's computing powers - whoever will pick up this “beautiful number” and create a new block - will get Bitcoin.

Ekaterina Slivkova: "How interesting! That is, it's like our ancestors, gold diggers used to wash sand – nowadays people solve equations, pick up “beautiful numbers” and some logical chains and "the most important mathematician" wins?”

Alexei Muratov: "The main mining equipment is produced in China. The Chinese are mining themselves on the most advanced equipment, and then they sell it to third countries. And, the cost of this equipment is a penny, but this equipment is sold for a lot of money because of demand, as it exceeds the supply. Personally, my opinion is that this is not entirely fair. Imagine the extraction of gold: you dig with your hands, and next to you, the Chinese miner digs with a shovel, six months later he sells or gives you a shovel and buys an excavator. In the end, you're with a shovel - and he's already on the excavator. "

Ekaterina Sryvkova: "Is this why Bitcoin is already worth so much and its rate continues to grow?"

Alexei Muratov: "The world is moving to a new stage. For a long time we had to trust some center, including, in the field of finance - the emission center - it is already not a secret for many that we are often deceived. Since childhood we have been brought up and told that "money is the yardstick of work," but at the same time we are earning money by working from morning till night, and the financial elites including banks (through the bank multiplier - the pyramid of debts, credit loans) - simply print it and make money out of “thin air”. This fact is already clear to many people, but people did not have a solution out of this situation until recently. People did not know what could be opposed to the existing financial system. And today a huge number of people see an outlet in a decentralized financial system based on Blockchain, in crypto-currencies. But what kind of a crypto currency will it be: Bitcoin, PRIZM ... we'll live and see - the strongest and technologically the best will win!”

Ekaterina Sryvkova: "This is very interesting! But do you have bitcoins, Alexey? "

Alexei Muratov: "I use Bitcoin, and I am also a founder of the new generation crypto currency PRIZM. This is a Russian development - it surpasses Bitcoin in all respects: transaction speed, transaction costs, bandwidth, but most importantly - conceptually! As it develops, it is not centered like all the existing crypto-currencies including Bitcoin"

Ekaterina Sryvkova: "It's very gratifying to hear and I hope that we and our children will live up to the moment when we get our salary in PRIZM - it will be cheerful and will cheer us up!"

"Classical" position of the Central Bank of Russia: the regulator convinces the population in the ability of the industry to cripple the economy of the state

In turn, the state regulator in the face of the Central Bank of Russia, in accordance with the established tradition, shows a critical and radical position regarding the developing market of crypto-currencies and the growing blockchain community.

In its review of Russia's economic stability in the second and third quarters of 2017, the agency once again drew attention to the growing industry of crypto-currencies and highlighted the acute problems of the market (at the moment the report has already been published on the official website of the Central Bank). In the list of priority tasks, the representatives of the Bank of Russia named - further careful regulation of the crypto-currency "in order to minimize financial risks for citizens." For start, the state regulator intends to determine the legal status of the market and its individual instruments.

Prophecies, the Bitcoin rate and "time travel"

However, not all observers of the industry are very much concerned about the legal status of the market. In connection with the overcoming of new boundaries by Bitcoin's cryptocurrency, the blockchain community recalled an interesting post on Reddit, which was posted four years ago. An unknown user appears to be a guest from the year 2025 in it and predicts a staggering growth in the Bitcoin exchange rate, which will eventually crush the entire global economy.

That time, in 2013, the message with the title "I am a traveler from the future. I beg you, stop" was a fun entertainment for the whole blockchain community. Anonymous user, hiding under the nickname “Luka_Magnotta”, appealed to the living users of crypto currency from the year of 2025. Directly in the contents of the post it is stated that the rate of Bitcoin will increase to 10 times per year by 2015. Also Luka_Magnotta said that one Bitcoin coin was worth $ 0.1 in 2010, $ 1 - in 2011, $ 10 - in 2012 and $ 100 - in 2013. Interestingly, the user has designated 2015 ($ 1000) and 2017 as the next steps in the development of crypto-currencies, namely the current year the "newcomer from the future" has indicated as priority, predicting the overcoming of the mark of of $ 10,000 of Bitcoin rate, and in 2019 BTC will cost $ 100,000 , and in 2021 - $ 1 million. Also, the author of the post emphasizes that after this, the coin will no longer be valued in classical currencies, because the US dollar will actually disappear from circulation.

  • December 12, 2017 12:00 PM MSK