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The team of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM received an award at the "Innovation Time-2017" Ceremony in Sochi, Russia

PRIZM reached new heights - this demonstrates not only the growing media attention to the new advanced cryptocurrency, but alo the development of forging among the participants and the promotion of activists in the processes of legalizing the cryptocurrency.

Today, the new generation cryptocurrency PRIZM is rightfully winning positive reviews from the blockchain community - respected experts of the crypto currency market already see PRIZM as a unique tool for the innovative industry.

This time the team of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM visited the conference "Time of Innovations-2017", held in Sochi. As part of the award ceremony the team of the cryptocurrency PRIZM and the International public movement "Change the World Together" were nominated for the "Project of the Year" in the category "Blockchain and Cryptocurrency".

For reference:

Award "Time of Innovation-2017" is held since 2011 for the best projects on the introduction, development and development of innovations in various fields.

Winners of the “Innovation Time” Award are the flagships of the Russian economy, which understand the significance of innovations and determine innovative activity as a priority strategy and business model.

Mr. Alexander Lavrentiev, director of the development and infrastructure department of crypto-currency PRIZM commented on this nomination in a specialized category: "In fact, it's nice to receive such an award. On February 17th, this year we launched our own project - a crypto currency called PRIZM. This is a purely Russian, domestic developed product. I want to say one thing, in this unequal battle we will try to win - that's why we do not focus on the best, but we try to be the best! ".

Also, within the framework of the conference, Mr. Alexander Lavrentiev made a presentation on the topic "Existing Problems of Crypto-Currency, Prospects, Solutions and Possible Alternatives", in which he described the current shortcomings in the concepts of various crypto-currencies, the gradual centering of the industry and possible options for moving to the real rather than illusory decentralization. In the discussion about the above-mentioned problems of today's market, the representatives of Sberbank and a number of other guests of the event also took part.

PRIZM founder Mr. Alexei Muratov also told about the current development of PRIZM cryptocurrency: "Today, the PRIZM network and information resources are under constant external pressure from anonymous groups of hackers conducting massive DDoS attacks. External detractors are trying to influence the nodes of enthusiasts who support the PRIZM network, but despite this - popularity of our cryptocurrency is growing at a staggering pace around the world.

Followers of the ideology of CWT and PRIZM create their own infrastructure, popularizing our ideals and worldview. Already in the very nearest future, licensed exchanges will be opened in such countries as India, Indonesia, Greece, Ukraine, Venezuela, and many others. PRIZM and Paramining technology have already received recognition and the highest evaluation among the professional community. Our loyal followers hold conferences, organize mass entertainment events, conduct promotions, and also work with representatives of the legislative and executive branches in a number of countries, including Russian Federation.

Today, we are at the very beginning of our journey and right now we with certainty can state fact that there was no one crypto currency which at the initial stages of development reached such high global popularization of the planetary scale. And even for known Bitcoin to reach such coverage and scale of the network it took years, so it's not hard to imagine what will happen to the stock price of PRIZM after going to the world famous stock markets. PRIZM is a virus that passes from heart to heart, which will change the life on planet Earth for the better. We are at the very beginning of development and how it will depend on each one of you.

Now, as for the so-called "locomotives teams". The events of the last two weeks have shown that this is a destructive model of the development of PRIZM, which allows not only to abuse the system's capabilities and receive undeserved superprofits to the organizers of these schemes, but also leads to a slope within our community. By developing PRIZM in this way, we are laying down a time-consuming bomb in the form of groups and clans which aim not for development of the system, but for internal information wars, the purpose of which is only to drag participants from one chain to another, solely for the purpose of personal enrichment, with complete disregard for the interests of our community. "

Meanwhile, in the industry

Simultaneously with the development of PRIZM, attention is also being paid to the first crypto currency - Bitcoin. This excitement is not always positive, some of the public adheres to negative scenarios in their conclusions.

For example, about a month ago, the company "Convoy Investments" published a graph, which shows the largest "financial bubbles" in the history. Quite recently, Bitcoin only caught up with the "tulipanomania" that broke out in the 17th century, but in connection with the growth of its rate (the attention of the press and Internet users), the crypto currency reached the first place in this article.

"Since then the price of Bitcoin has more than doubled, and since the beginning of the year – went 17 times up. Over the past three years, the cryptocurrency has risen 64-fold, thus overtaking tulips in the same period of time, "notes analyst Mr. Robert Wu.

However, despite the skeptical statements of a number of analysts, most experts in the world economy still consider the US dollar as the biggest "bubble", which has been "inflated" ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve System - that is, since 1913 (!).

Experts of the international level is waiting for the outcome of this well-known world financial pyramid.

Today, the necessary conditions have already been created for the collapse of the dollar to begin. Recently, the dollar managed to show its weakness and non-reinforcement with real assets - in this particular year 2017 was the most revealing. Despite a 25% increase since 2014, the US dollar fell in price by 54.7% against the euro in the period from 2002 to 2012.

Many people ask themselves "why did this happen?" The answer is obvious. The national debt of the United States has grown more than 3 times, from $ 6 trillion. up to $ 15 trillion. Today, the amount of public debt is even greater: it is approaching $ 20 trillion. And it is growing, moreover, at an incredible pace. The ratio of the national debt to the country's GDP has already exceeded the 100% mark - this is undoubtedly a critical problem for the US government, which in future will allow the dollar to devalue in order to pay off existing debts with the most "cheap" money.

Therefore, today rather a world financial system based on the US dollar is a soap bubble and a financial pyramid. Today, the Fed is a private shop that prints dollars in unlimited quantities. Nobody knows how many new dollars are thrown into the world economy every day. New dollars depreciate old ones.

When an alternative, which aroused the confidence of the world community appears - the "house of cards" of the US Federal Reserve will collapse. Moreover, in the world there is already an alternative to the dollar, which allows to make transactions of absolutely different purposes – it is an innovative market of crypto-currencies.

  • December 20, 2017 12:20 PM MSK