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He left, but his work will be continued: on March 26th, Sergei Mavrodi died in Moscow

On March 26th, in Moscow, on his 63rd year of life, died Mr. Sergei Mavrodi. He felt sick just at the bus stop right away - a heart attack. A passerby called an ambulance, but the doctors could not save Sergei Panteleevich.

"The scale of personality is determined only by the scale of his deeds" - Sergei Mavrodi

Despite the regular distortion of facts, as well as aggressive and false propaganda, pouring from the media on Sergei Panteleevich, during his lifetime, for many people he became a leader, teacher and am enlightener. Having made a revolution in the financial world, Sergei Mavrodi attracted the attention not only of people who are pursuing mercenary goals - on the contrary, millions of people started thinking about the organization of the world. This is a man who was one of the first to talk about the injustice of the world financial system, by emphasizing that the money is really being made out of air – it is simply printed by the representatives of the elite standing at the helm of the emission of worthless paper.

Sergei Mavrodi made every effort to unite people, to unite people and fight against financial illiteracy. By paying attention to his ideas, people really became better - they began to soberly look at the world system, to develop and understand the essence of things around them. By giving people the understanding of the real world order, Sergei Mavrodi brought up a huge number of leaders around the world who today continue to talk about the imperfection of the economy and injustice in the world, by offering the world a new and decentralized financial instruments.

Sergei Mavrodi as the founder of the new financial system in the world

Back in 2015, many analysts, experts and the media agreed that it was the activity of MMM participants that led to the rapid development of Bitcoin in China.




At the same time, none of these experts could even assume that in China alone, Sergei Mavrodi has had more than 20 million MMM participants. The daily turnover in China was in hundreds of billions of US dollars, some of which were turned into Bitcoin. In Asia, it is still believed that there are no strangers on the crypto currency market. Many of today's tokens, crypto-currencies, crypto-exchanges and exchangers are launched by leaders and teams that have grown on the MMM since 2011.

After acquainting with Bitcoin directly through "Mavro", the participants of the system from China popularized the crypto currency. Subsequently, today China is the main driver of the development of this crypto-industry in the world. This initiative is not from above, but from below - from ordinary users. Therefore, in this way Sergei Mavrodi directly influenced the formation of a new financial instrument based on Blockchain technology.

By devoting life to the global idea of ​​equality and justice, Sergei Mavrodi brought to the planet the basics, which will continue to work until it reaches the result. The ideology of equality and the community of new leaders around the world who are united by a common idea.

Sergei Mavrodi died, but he will not go into the past, he will dissolve in the future!


"He walked from house to house, 

Knocking at other people's doors, 

With the old oak panduri, 

And with his simple song. 


And in his song, and in the song - 

As the sun shine is clear, 

There was a great truth - 

The exalted dream. 


Hearts turned into stone, 

To make the fight happen, 

He woke many people's minds, 

By dozing in deep darkness.


But instead of great glory 

The people of his land 

Injejected poison, 

They presented it in the bowl.


They said to him: "Damned,

Drink, drain to the bottom... 

And your song is alien to us, 

And your truth is not needed! "

  • March 28, 2018 12:18 AM MSK