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Rebranding of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM and the beginning of the active creation of its infrastructure by the users

As the number of users of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM develops, the set of infrastructure tools is also expanding.

Today it is not only:

But today we will talk about the creative projects, which are implemented by active users of PRIZM.

Как известно, в отличии от большинства криптовалют, используемых как спекулятивный инструмент, PRIZM задумывался и создавался именно как по-настоящему децентрализованное международное платежное средство. По настоящему децентрализованное — это когда у абсолютно всех пользователей равные права и возможности.

As is known, unlike most crypto-currencies which are used as a speculative instrument, PRIZM was conceived and created precisely as a truly decentralized international means of payment. Truly decentralized in our meaning is when all users have equal rights and opportunities. PRIZM is an innovative project that gives equal opportunities to all network participants. Each user participates in the emission of new coins through Paramining (

within the framework of common rules for everyone. Each user has the opportunity with his home computer to become a full-fledged node of the network, to forge (create blocks) and receive a commission from operations recorded in the formed block. Each user can create their own tools and infrastructure under PRIZM, and also integrate their existing projects with PRIZM. All the necessary links to do so are posted in public access on Github (

But the main thing: as it develops, PRIZM does not become centrist as all top-level crypto-currencies, but disperses even more and becomes even more decentralized.

Today, the usage of PRIZM as an international payment instrument in payments for goods and services is the basic goal of the project, it will reveal a new potential for crypto-currencies which Bitcoin and the rest of the top crypto currencies could not show.

No one knows about many new tools of our participants, including the founders, so, please, send your projects to   and we will tell you about them.

We managed to collect only a part of them. Please, have a look, study, compare, try to do better, create new tools, because PRIZM is not only an association of the financial potential of participants, but of their intellectual and creative potential.

In order to develop and popularize the advanced crypto currency PRIZM, as well as to encourage active users, the project team announces promotions for our users:


1000PZM Prize for assistance in listing PRIZM crypto currency on top international crypto-exchanges

We provide all users of PRIZM not only with the development tools of our community and the opportunity to create their own tools - but also with the opportunity to receive additional revenue in gratitude for helping to develop the infrastructure for all PRIZM users. Since today, we announce the PRIZM listing campaign on the exchanges of crypto-currencies.

The PRIZM user, through whom correspondence with the exchange administration will be established and PRIZM will be listed on the site, - will receive a bonus from the project team - 1000 PZM.

We encourage all users to actively apply to the following exchanges: the more there are applications, the faster PRIZM connection will be:








Details for filling the form as above:

1) Full name and short name of coin


2) Website, forumlink

3) Github link for coin source

4) Block explorer link

5) Amount of required confirmations to register deposits

10 confirmations

6) Recommended network (sending) transaction fee

0.5% of amount sent up to fee

7) Logotype

8) Whitepaper

Award 500PZM for painting your car in accordance with any of the proposed design projects with the corporate style of PRIZM

The person who has painted the car in any auto-studio, should:

Record a short video with the car on the background car and post it on the forum, by specifying the wallet address and public key for crediting the bonus of 500 PZM.

*All source links for painting cars can be downloaded from the following link:Все исходники.zip

In Moscow, you can contact a specialized station (1 street Izmaylovskogo zoo, house 8 / 89257405045).

Here it is possible to enter the name for car painting, after which the procedure will be done only on the day of your arrival - promptly and efficiently.

  • Each user can only cover one car, by receiving a bonus for this.

  • Any brand of car.

  • It is advisable to place a photo of the car in your social networks, indicating the contacts to assist in the activation of wallets (transfer of gift 1 PZM) to new users.

The beginning of re-branding of the advanced crypto currency PRIZM

One of the priority tasks set by the project team and users is the correct positioning of the PRIZM crypto currency in the blockchain community and beyond.

It is within the framework of achieving this goal that the team of crypto currency has come to a decision to conduct a qualitative rebranding of PRIZM tools, design and elements of the corporate style of the project.

Surprisingly, at the moment, the desire for decentralization in the market of crypto-currencies entails both pluses and minuses: among the latter - the lack of corporate style and quality tools for promotion. Each user or their group creates their own information resources – by applying individual design elements. Naturally, this is yet another objective confirmation of decentralization in the PRIZM network, but such information and marketing dissociation directly damages the image and development of the project. Therefore, today one of the important goals is the formation of a single integrated image of the project for interaction with followers of ideology and the outside world.

In this regard, the project activists decided to rebrand all the project tools, information sites and create missing elements of the corporate style for the correct positioning of PRIZM.

As they say, "first impression is your clothes ..." everything has a look that reflects the essence. At the moment, the crypto industry has a huge competition - to capture the market for PRIZM it is necessary to be in the locomotive of marketing trends and to become a "fashion trendsetter" in the future. Thus, at present, the priority of the community and the development team of PRIZM is aimed at the following goal: the evolution of the visual component of the project, in order to bring the technical uniqueness of the project after an external transformation.

Within the framework of the last priority, the following objectives will be realized:

      To create "LogoBook" (peculiar rules for the usage of the PRIZM logo, in order to avoid misuse of the latter.

      To create "BrandBook" (a document created to fix the established standards of ideology of activists CWT and PRIZM for the formation of a unified reputation)

      Reformed Internet infrastructure

  1. Reformed mobile app

    Reformed official documentation

At the end of the re-branding, the source code will be uploaded in order to use it in organizing conferences, opening clubs, ordering outdoor advertising, souvenirs, clothes and other attributes of the official style of PRIZM.

  • April 12, 2018 12:39 AM MSK