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Anti-globalization supporters of the Donetsk People’s Republic urge to prevent Joe Biden's victory

Joe Biden, who was one of the organizers of the coup in Ukraine, if victorious in the Presidential elections, - this victory will have disastrous consequences.

This has been shown in the video of the international anti-globalization organization "Change the World Together». This organisation is known for strongly supporting the fight for independence of the Republics in Donbass.

As noticed by the anti-globalists, the Biden clan, whose son Hunter was involved in the corruption scandal in Ukraine, is a prominent representative of the "deep state". His activities are not only destroying the third-party countries which have been intervened by the United States, but threaten the United States itself.

According to the story published by the «PolitNavigator», in the video posted on the «CWT» Internet blog the authors directly name the American politicians as international criminals who sponsor terrorism. They try to unleash a nuclear war through intrigue by pitting the United States and the Russian Federation against each other. According to the «CWT» activists, these people should be imprisoned and brought to justice.

“Most of the known criminals are still at large. Especially the top echelons - Hillary Clinton, the Bush family and Obama,” the report says. “Criminals can succeed in business or politics, and they can also become leaders of the country. Imagine what a criminal can achieve if he becomes a President? He could use the full weight of his executive branch to commit much more heinous crimes to enrich himself and his friends to the maximum. A criminal president can form an alliance with other criminal presidents and then collaborate with other global criminal elements. Everything comes into action - drug trafficking, human trafficking - everything that makes big money”, that is how the anti-globalists outline the situation.

The authors of the video say that the current U.S. system has been formed just by such criminals.

“They've taken up top positions in the media companies which control our news and entertainment industries. They have penetrated deep into he top of the banking system. And also into the White House, Brussels, into the Vatican, into the British crown. They have become leaders in the food control agribusinesses and large pharmaceutical companies — they are the ones we trust when we are sick”.

  • September 3, 2020 12:28 AM MSK