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Bitcoin and elections in the United States: a pyramid of dollar declares war on cryptocurrencies

"The future of money: digital currencies." This is the title of hearings in the US Congress about the future of the cryptocurrencies. The international review of events continues the release.

Russian secretive agencies interfered in US elections through the cryptocurrency. Special prosecutor Müller stated this last week.

On the 13th of July, the US Department of Justice released an indictment against 12 alleged Russian officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation Armed Forces General Staff, who used cryptocurrencies to intervene in the US presidential campaign of 2016.

The document gives concrete examples how the bitcoins as purchased as mined was used in burglaries for leaks. However, such charges seem to be at least not clear.

Since the blockchain based cryptocurrencies are the currencies in the most open and accessible accounting, so they are so transparent that it is difficult to imagine special services that use such, let's say unprotected technologies.

It's like that extremists will report to the bank for a loan to finance terrorism. After having once received bitcoin from anyone, you can track not only its origin, but also further use.

Cash is still the leader in financing of any state legislation detours. Criminals still use the so-called "black cash".

As for the work of the special services, it is not necessary to talk about the use of cryptocurrency because of its blockchain openness.

And such accusations become clear in the following sense.

The reason for this kind of accusations against crypto-currencies is related to the fact that the empire of the monopoly of seigniorage that is, the production of money is collapsing.

After all, the issue of banknotes through cryptocurrency is transferred from the hands of the world's financial elites to the hands of ordinary citizens. And the future is not so predictable. In any case, for monopolists.

The US Congress announced a hearing titled "The Future of Money: Digital Currencies" on Wednesday, July 18. However, this future is rather predictable.

Today, bitcoin or other leading cryptocurrency is not ready to completely replace the existing money. However, the first steps in this direction have already been made.

And such advanced new-generation crypto-currencies as Prism, truly decentralized and not controlled by one hand, will allow building a transparent financial system in which fraud will be ruled out.

The issue of money by a limited group of people or large financial corporations will simply be ruled out.

And although the old financial system without a fight is unlikely to give up. That is why the cryptocurrency is attacked. And also in the information sense.

However, the strength of the emerging new financial system based on the advanced cryptocurrency is evident.

  • July 18, 2018 10:06 AM MSK