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CWT activists in Indonesia gave Alexey Muratov “warmth of their soul”

The regular conference took place where Aleksey Muratov presented his book “CWT Ideology”.

On Sunday, October 23, the regular CWT conference took place in Medan (Indonesia) where the book “CWT Ideology” of Aleksey Muratov, Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement Change the World Together, was presented. The conference was attended by about 500 activists.

At the beginning of the meeting supporters of the movement in appreciation and gratitude handed Alexey Muratov the traditional festive attire of  Batak people, ulos. This is a warm piece of cloth usually handed to guests, symbolically giving the warmth of their soul. 

"This warm attire is a symbol of Batak people hospitality who live in the area of Toba lake. Handing of ulos is as important for the local population as for Russians handing of bread and salt to dear guests," Alexey Muratov said. According to him, such a tradition was led by the fact that in the highlands of  Toba lake is usually cold, and they cover guests with ulos to make them feel comfortable.

It should be noted that the following conference and presentation of the book actually was held in a friendly warm atmosphere. Aleksey Muratov told about the ideology of CWT movement which is described in the book. "I must admit that today I have found not only new movement supporters of Change the World Together but also new and reliable friends. I am sure that we will change the life for the better together!" he said.

Source: CWT News

  • October 24, 2016 4:09 PM MSK