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Flexible electronic paper displays all range of colours

Researchers of Chalmers University of Technology and Kunli Xiong have developed the electronic paper less than one micrometer thick. Its function is similar to LED displays, but consumes 10 times less energy than tablets.

According to Andreas Dahlin, the paper resembles the Kindle tablet’s display. It reflects light, so it works well in enough light, unlike LED displays, that are more efficient in the dark.

It depends on the polymers’ ability to control a quantity of absorbed and reflected light. Polymers, covering the whole surface, conduct electrical signals through the screen and create a high-resolution image. It is still in developmental stage, but there is a base.

Scientists have tested and created several types of pixels. They use red, blue and green colours, which make all other colours, as LED displays. Researchers are developing pixels that will cover the entire display now.

Andreas Dahlin believes that information boards, markings and information screens will be the best use for displays, based on electronic paper.

  • October 24, 2016 5:37 PM MSK