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Advisor to President recommends getting out of dollar assets, because downfall of US’s Government Short-Term Commitments is not

The US’s debt loss can be the major shock for the global financial system– Sergey Glazyev warns.

ʺWe know that Chine has stopped to accumulate reserves in dollars. I think that our monetary authorities will pursue more cautious policy due to the American aggression. I would advise our private business to get out of dollar assets, because you never know what might happen, assets can be frozen or seized, that has already happened before,ʺ Sergey Glazyev said.

Whatever the outcome, the US presidential elections will influence on the global financial markets, and America will have tough times.

ʺI think that America will have tough times, regardless of the election results. To serve the growing state debt needs more emission. We are observing almost a triple increase of dollar amount in eight years. The global financial system will not stand such rates of monetary emission,ʺ the presidential adviser said.

According to Glazyev, the US has two options – either to stop aggression or to stop getting into debt, for which it is necessary to curtail expenses.

ʺPerhaps, Trump will cut expenses by ending the US’s aggression…And It will contribute to the political stability. But those, who invested in the US financial pyramid, will face serious political turmoil,ʺ Glazyev said.


  • October 24, 2016 6:03 PM MSK