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Modern schools ‘kill’ children’s talents and create thousands of non-achievers

It is painful to witness how modern schools ‘kill’ children’s talents, cripple their souls and create thousands of non-achievers.

90% of students will be unsuccessful and live life as losers. Our society is in a hypnotic trance and cannot understand obvious things. The education system is grossly out of date. 90% of poor people are more than a lot. If a mineral water plant produced 9 out of 10 dirty water bottles, the plant management would be sent to prison.

Thousands of schools produce people who will live poorly and alone. Why is this happening?

We should seek for reasons of the present evil in the past. Modern schools were established 200 years ago. They responded for specific needs of the industrial age. At that time, manufacturing developed rapidly in England. There were new factories, banks and plants. Millions of mindless and obedient people, a sort of biorobots, were needed to serve those. And at that very time, the system, contrary to commonsense, child’s nature and evolution, was established.

This is the ideal programme for creating robots, which are gears of big business.

We know that children like to play. Learning through play is ten time faster than usual. Children love to laugh, run and jump. Schools punish children for any expression of emotions, cheerfulness and curiosity. There is therefore no question of neither physical nor intellectual personality development. Our pedagogy is supposed to destroy individuality, personality and to deprive children the right to have their own opinions. I will give you few reasons the schools are harmful.

1. Modern science has proven that a child learns more effectively from mistakes. Schools are doing everything to put the fear of mistakes in children. They are punished for incorrect answers. And these poor people will be afraid to try something new, to experiment and to make mistakes.

2. Tasks have only two answers – right and wrong ones. Thus, children begin to see the world in a different way. Most of tasks can have thousands of correct answers.

3. Children have no time to think. The modern learning process is meant to load a child with stupid meaningless work. Earlier, during golden age of philosophy, teachers used to bring their students to a riverbank and gave them task to think. They could have been thinking and arguing for a few days. Only reflecting in quite, we can form our mind.

4. Modern schools ‘kill’ one of the innate instincts – the desire for knowledge. Leonardo Da Vinci never studied in school. And because of that, he had irresistible thirst for knowledge. He had been inventing all his life being a student. Da Vinci’s inventions were 500 years ahead of his time. Most students, having received diplomas, stop learning. They hate this process. They become spiritually disabled.

5. All knowledge, which is given in schools with violence and humiliation during 11 years, can fit on 5 dollar chip and it is worthless. The world is evolving. Information becomes outdated and useless. Only the ability of self-learning is valuable.

Most people do not use donkey to travel anymore, nobody uses pigeon post. Reality has changed. There is only old feudal system of education left.

Dear grandparents, mothers and fathers, if you can transfer your child to an out-of-school education – do not hesitate to take them out of school.

I cannot imagine something worse than schools. By criticizing the school education, I do not want to offend born teachers. Working in this school hell, they have enough courage and love for children to teach and inspire them. But, unfortunately, it is just an exception to the rules.


  • November 2, 2016 5:40 PM MSK