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Honda patents touch glass for cars

Would not it be great if the windows of our car suddenly become fully interactive?

For example, you want to darken a little bit the glass on the passenger side, so that the sun is not in one's eyes; you just slid your finger down the glass – and it's done. Glass has darkened in front of your eyes. The Japanese company Honda has just patented a touch shading windows for cars, so that in the near future we can expect the use of the first prototypes of such devices in cars of this manufacturer.

In fact, the idea is not new. Some large automotive corporations already use electrochromic glass in their cars, which darken automatically depending on the ambient light level. The driver can also control this process with the traditional push-button user interface. But as yet no one had come up with the idea to make such glass that would be sensitive to the touch of man's fingers. In this regard, Honda, of course, made a knight's move. However, for now it is not really clear when the technology will be implemented in real cars.

Honda запатентовала сенсорные стёкла для автомобилей

Glass, patented by Honda inventors, consists of several layers, including a touch screen and a variety of shading ones which are liquid crystal cover-ups. Swiping down you can kind of move down sort of a virtual curtain, obscuring the glass from top to bottom. By moving your finger left or right, you can adjust the degree of darkening of the shutters lowered. And if you touch the glass with two fingers and spread them apart, you can do some sort of a window in the curtain through which the surrounding world will be clearly seen. As they say, everything is simple, but of genius.


  • November 18, 2016 12:28 PM MSK