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Simple girlish rules

Simple rules for women's behavior in the family and with her husband.

1. A girl in essence, first of all, is a mother, a housewife and a homemaker, which owns the skill of cooking healthy food and crafts; knows the psychology of children and family, with skills to prevent and treat the most common diseases and the basics of primary health care in case of accidents; revers her husband's parents and covenants of ancestors.
   2. A girl is faithful to the family and her husband; neat, clean in thought; inspires and guides her husband in his affairs.
   3. A girl should dress nicely, and, above all, at home; her body should smell good without the use of perfumes.
   4. A girl should cook, moreover, what her man loves, and do it on her own.
   5. The girl should clean her house. Moreover, she should clean sleeping room and kitchen on her own.
   6. A girl should be obedient to her husband, but to manage him gently, with love, to her husband fulfill her request with joy and pleasure.
   7. Preferably, speak mostly only what pleases her husband, his topics of interest.
   8. A girl should never compare her husband with other men, as she originally chose the best for herself, and comparing generates doubt, and as a consequence, kills love in the soul.
   9. A girl should not ‘wash dirty linen in public,’ to be condescending to her husband, truthful and be able to cede.
  10. A girl must give respect to her husband's parents.
  11. Creativity is the strongest motivation of a girl after the love for her husband and her children, so she needs to find herself in the development of various arts and skills and dedicate much time to this.
  12. A girl is like water, initially clean. Therefore, it is necessary to charm her chosen one with cleanliness and her neatness.
  13. A man cannot be redone, it is possible to change him by changing her own self. If a girl wants to have a certain feature in her a man, she needs to manifest the opposite feature in herself.
  14. Well, it must be remembered that the girl marries a man she is worthy of on this level of spiritual development of her soul.


  • November 23, 2016 5:47 PM MSK