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Aleksey Muratov: Chinise economy is gradually moving to blockchain

The largest Chinise investment company Huiyin Group announced the launch of venture fund Huiyin Blockchain Ventures (HBV) - a subcompany of the fund focused exclusively on investing in the sector of Bitcoin’s bloсkchain.

As Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) Aleksey Muratov noted, currently the state of HBV company is more than $ 20 million, and therefore, further investments in Bitcoin are expected quite tangible in the Chinese market.

"According to the announced intentions, Huiyin Blockchain Ventures will invest funds during the next 6-12 months on the development of bloсkchain technology. The most of the fund’s focus will be concentrated on improving of blockchain’s ecosystem by investing in infrastructure projects and new variants of using ," Muratov said. According to Chairman of the Board of CWT, the fund will focus on projects supporting Bitcoin’s bloсkchain.

In turn, the fund manager James Wu said that HBV tends to invest Bitcoin in companies to help enrich the Chinese industry, because the fund sees more possibilities of their investments’ return namely in it.

At the same time, Aleksey Muratov emphasized that as the Bitcoin’s industry development, its use will continue to grow both in China and in other parts of the world. "HBV company has already started to invest funds in supporting of Indian cryptocurrency Unocoin Exchange, platforms of content monetization Yours and, and also the market of Bitcoin’s e-commerce. This is only the beginning of the development of such international projects,” Muratov summarized.

Note of CWT: Huiyin Group is a family investment group which has focused on such traditional industries as real estate, energy sector and agriculture. For the last few years, the company became interested in Bitcoin that eventually led to the creation of a new fund.

Source: CWT News


  • December 5, 2016 3:44 PM MSK