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Everything is printed on 3D-printer at this restaurant

Enterprising resident of London opened a restaurant where everything from plates and cutlery to the food is printed on 3D-printers.

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Really, who wants to bother, cook food, if the machine can do everything for you?

Fans of Star Trek, who are probably already dreaming, imagining restaurant kitchen equipped with replicators, should be, as your humble servant, a little bit down to earth. Our technologies are still very far from those that will be on board of the Enterprise in the future, so Food Ink's modern restaurant cooks have to be content with a special device which is called byFlow.


 With its help the cook can do really cool dishes, by pre-loading it with pastelike ingredients. For example, hummus, chocolate mousse, mashed potatoes, mince, or something else tasty. The principle of byFlow is also simple – the device is similar to an automated confectionery syringe, which prints dishes out of mashed ingredients, referring to the three-dimensional ‘recipes’ that the machine gets from a computer.

Some would say that the food is better to cook the old way, using all the usual techniques and instruments, but the restaurant Food ink, according to its owner, Anthony Dobrzensky, is intended to serve the high end. Thanks to dishes that are served there, visitors can learn more about the rapidly developing modern technologies and amazing opportunities for three-dimensional printing.


  • December 5, 2016 5:43 PM MSK