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That means a strange new Obama Decree: Protection of the nation from the impacts of invasive (alien) species

And yet, something is happening and gaining momentum..

A new Decree of the President of the United States for “invasive species”, i.e., Alien (ALIEN)


Executive Order — Safeguarding the Nation from the Impacts of Invasive Species

The document clearly defines invasive alien species as:

(e) ‘Invasive species’ are ecosystem-specific, a foreign body which causes or may cause economic or environmental harm or harm to humans, animals or plants.

(f) “non-native” or “alien species”, in relation to a particular ecosystem, organism, including its seeds, eggs, spores, or other biological material capable of propagating outside of their natural range.

According to our sources, this strange decree was signed by Obama under pressure and in connection with some impending events that will change the lives of Americans and all earthlings.

If you gather together all the pieces of the information mosaic that can be seen in the last time, there emerges a frightening, but exciting, interesting picture. We stand on the threshold of something that already opens the door. 

That will only be happy if we do…

Source: beforeitsnews

  • December 19, 2016 10:37 AM MSK