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Aleksey Muratov: Industry of China logistics moves to blockchain

In China today, December 20, the Subcommittee on the introduction of blockchain was created, the initiator of which was the Association on Logistics and Procurement.

As Сhairman of the Board of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) Aleksey Muratov said, it was decided during a conference Fintech Global Summit 2016 held in Shenzhen (China).

As Aleksey Muratov noted, blockchain startups, logistics companies and also financial organizations were in favour of the creation of such an organization. "According to my sources, the created Subcommittee will deal with popularization of blockchain technology in logistics, by distribution of information about technology, carrying business trainings and the introduction of scientific research blockchain standards in industry of logistics. According to the results, the participants of Subcommittee want to achieve full work renovation of logistics industry and supply of China," Сhairman of the Board of CWT said.

He also noted that now the use of the blockchain in financial sector of China is becoming a stable trend, but because of problems in logistics sometimes there are malfunctions. "We are seeing the cases of cargo loss or its incorrect delivery. Therefore, for removing defects in logistics it is necessary to have a powerful and effective mechanism for tracking cargo. Blockchain technology will easily cope with these tasks," Aleksey Muratov said.

Chairman of the Board of Change the World Together movement expressed confidence that in the near future the perfect combination of bloсkchain and logistics will help to overcome the financial problems of this area that will significantly increase the efficiency of logistic operations.

Source: CWT News

  • December 20, 2016 11:44 PM MSK